QSM Solution

The Mgmt-Ctrl Quality System(s) Management (QSM) solution provides a strategic plan that utilizes predictive analytical technology for the active measurement of product and process quality to identify systemic constraint(s), enabling the responsible management of emerging issues and facilitation of the continual improvement that stakeholders expect.

1.     Active measurement of product and process quality is achieved utilizing a predictive analytical technology toolset that enables the effective and efficient transformation of product and process data, for utilization by responsible decision makers;

2.     Responsible management of emerging issues is made possible through interactive reporting, for those who are held accountable by regulatory and business stakeholders alike for the results obtained by the Enterprise;

3.     Continual improvement of targeted constraint(s) provide value in the form of a return on the investment (ROI) in compliant operations that are effective in obtaining the required results, and efficient in doing so.

Quality System(s) Management (QSM) = Measure | Manage | Improve

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Larry Mager