Quality Management

Mgmt-Ctrl is a Quality Management company offering a combination of enabling solutions for responsible quality management. The Quality System(s) Management (QSM) provides improved management control, in the focused pursuit of continuous improvement of product and process quality.

The strategic discipline of QSM is foundational to managing the quality of product and Quality Management System (QMS) processes, in support of the quality of operations.

The Quality System(s) Management (QSM) solution strategically measures product and process quality to identify constraint. The data that is resultant from the measurement solution provides the reporting visibility that enables responsible management to identify issues that can be addressed through targeted improvement initiatives to increase the level of product and process quality.

Quality System(s) Management = Measure | Manage | Improve

Technology & Services Offering

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QSM measurement is achieved through an analytical technology solution that actively measures product and process quality, inclusive of the cost of poor quality (COPQ).


Product and process quality surveillance, reporting, and review is enabled through the QSM management solution for the timely identification of emerging issues and constraint to provide responsible management with the visibility necessary to make informed quality management decisions.


A targeted approach for focused improvement of identified product and process quality issues, inclusive of COPQ constraint, provide the results that regulatory and business stakeholders expect.