QSM Role Within MDR Programs

Mgmt-Ctrl supports patient care by providing medical device industry with an analytical technology solution that measures product and process quality. The Quality System(s) Management (QSM) solution is implemented in a business friendly and risk-based manner through the use of proprietary processes.

 Once implemented, the QSM solution monitors the associated product and process quality data to identify emerging issues and quality constraints. Routine and timely reporting then provides responsible management with the crucial information they require to sustain management control over ‘quality’ for stakeholder satisfaction.

“Time is the longest distance between two places.” - Tennessee Williams 

I have made many past statements about both “the quality journey” and a “culture of quality”, however, it may not be clear that these concepts are intrinsically linked with the element of time... but they are. As a small group of Quality Management professionals (self-proclaimed quality geeks), Mgmt-Ctrl has developed a unique measurement solution that is resultant from decades of experience from within the medical device industry. Far too many ‘transformative’ efforts are undertaken by smart people who focus only upon ensuring compliance to requirements, and who fail to develop a sound solution to address product and process quality improvement that the organization can use to sustain and continually improve product and process ‘quality’. The Quality System(s) Management (QSM) solution was designed to satisfy the requirements placed upon the medical device industry… and more. Compliance alone doesn’t ensure extraordinary levels of patient safety and/or business success… ‘quality’ does.

There is no better time than now to begin the quality journey that your organization deserves.

Larry Mager