System of Interconnected Processes

A Quality Management System is a system of interconnected work processes. 

It is important to design compliant ‘work process’ such that the work can be executed, by skilled, trained and competent people to efficiently produce effective results. It is important to procedurally define ‘work process’ well, inclusive of the instructions, forms, training materials, etc. necessary to communicate how the ‘work process’ is to be executed. It is important to ensure the appropriate sequence and interaction of each ‘work process’ with the remainder of the system of ‘work processes’… to enable compliant, effective and efficient results for the Firm. The ‘quality’ of the results of the ‘work processes’ must also be measured, individually and collectively, in order to understand and manage the ‘quality’ of the system in aggregate.

Quality Management Systems must be capable of being measured, managed and improved, by responsible Management who are accountable to the Firm’s stakeholders to ensure ongoing results of compliant, effective and efficient operations. To learn more about Quality Systems Management, visit us at or e-mail us at

Larry Mager