Time for Change

How do you know when it is time to consider meaningful change?...

If your company does not yet understand that compliance ≠ ‘quality’… it is time for change.

If your company is experiencing compliance issues, and you believe your ‘remediation’ plan should begin with systemically improving  the compliance of your QMS before addressing the quality and control of product that is marketed utilizing a noncompliant system… it is time for change.

If you believe that your design history files must first be remediated to establish essential design outputs for the development of production controls to address the quality and control of product… it is time for change.

If you have not yet begun the transformation to ensure compliant, effective and efficient operations through improved management control over your QMS… it is time to begin your journey towards enabling a culture of ‘quality’ that will satisfy the business and regulatory stakeholders alike.

The proactive transformation to achieve a culture of ‘quality’ begins with the implementation of a business friendly plan to measure, manage and improve product and process quality. To learn more about our Quality System(s) Management (QSM) please e-mail us at info@Mgmt-Ctrl.com.

Larry Mager